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Policy of Privacy

1. The FILMS4YOU commitment

Respecting the privacy of your personal data is a fundamental commitment FILMS4YOU is wholly dedicated to. Our policy ensures that your data is protected and handled with discretion. FILMS4YOU abides by all legal provisions, both national and European, in regard to data protection, privacy and information.

FILMS4YOU recommends that all Users refer to the information available below regarding personal data privacy and protection. We hope to ensure greater confidence in your experience with us, and to improve it in any way possible. If you have any further questions or comments and would like to contact us, feel free to email us at, or contact us at our address, at: FILMS4YOU

Rua Particular Projectada à Rua Heróis de Chaimite, Armazém B, 2675- 375 Odivelas

Please be aware that our site does not collect any personal information, except where it may voluntarily be given out by the user, by subscribing to our newsletter.

2. Who is responsible for the data processing?

FILMS4YOU, LDA., with headquarters at Rua Particular Projectada à Rua Heróis de Chaimite, Armazém B, 2675- 375 Odivelas, entered into the commercial register office of Cascais under the sole registration and corporate entity number 505 2382 09, with a share capital of € 20.000,00, is the entity responsible for data collection and management of the website.

In order to ensure the safety of your data, with the utmost confidentiality, we process the information you have provided in an absolutely confidential manner, in accordance with our safety and confidentiality policies and internal procedures, and we do not share your data with third parties for commercial use.

3. Who do we share your data with?

FILMS4YOU may have to share some of your personal data with some other parties. FILMS4YOU may share your information with:

– Affiliated organizations and/or companies that render services to FILMS4YOU, as long as these observe an equivalent data protection policy.
-Relevant public authorities, in order to ensure the correct application of the legal framework regarding data protection, or any party FILMS4YOU may find itself legally obligated to share the information with, during any judicial proceeding.

4. What personal data categories do you process, and to what end?

“Personal data” refers to any and all data in any kind of support, relative to a single identified or identifiable person.

A person is considered “identifiable” when they may be directly or indirectly identified by name, social identity number, any kind of electronic identifier or any other elements which may allow the singular person to be identified.

FILMS4YOU does not collect or process data belonging to persons under the age of 16 (sixteen), except in special cases and always with parental consent. As such, users who do not have the aforementioned minimum age are advised to refrain from sharing their personal data. If said data is, indeed, supplied, and if FILMS4YOU is made aware of that fact, or can reasonably deduce that said data belongs to a person below the age of sixteen (16), FILMS4YOU will immediately delete said data.

5. For how long does FILMS4YOU keep the data?

Personal data is only held and stored for what may be considered the strictly necessary amount of time for the purposes for which it was collected, which is to say, the period necessary for handling the contest in question or for the maintenance of our database for sharing information on our movies and events, and observing all legal provisions applicable to this type of archiving. After this period has ended, FILMS4YOU will delete your data.

6. Who may I contact in order to access, rectify or delete my data?

Users may have different concerns about their privacy, and are free to revise, update or decide what kind of data they would like stored at any time.

As such, you may contact FILMS4YOU at any time through email at, or through regular mail, addressed to FILMS4YOU, Lda., at Rua Particular Projectada à Rua Heróis de Chaimite, Armazém B, 2675- 375 Odivelas, or by using the form below to inform us about the course of action you would like to undertake. You may request the following:

– Access to the information we have about you, which is to say you may obtain a copy of the data related to you;
– Rectification of the given information;
– Withdrawal of consent;
– Deletion, limitation, portability and opposition to the processing of your personal data.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the National Data Protection Committee.

7. How do we guarantee data privacy?

In order to guarantee the safety of the data you provide us with, it is processed in an absolutely confidential manner, in accordance with our safety and confidentiality policies and internal procedures.

If you’d like to request access, rectification or deletion of your personal data, please let us know by leaving your name, email and intent in the form below.


What are cookies?

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In this policy, we use the term cookies to refer to any files which collect information in such a way.
Cookies used on this site do not collect any information which could be used to identify the user. Cookies collect generic information only, specifically the way that users reach and interact with the website, or what parts of the country / countries the website is being accessed from, etc.

Cookies only hold information associated to your preferences. The user may, at any time, choose to be notified of incoming cookies, as well as barring them from entering his system, through their browser setting.

Refusing to use cookies on this website may result in denied access to certain part of the website or being unable to receive personalized information.


What are cookies used for?

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How can I manage my cookies?

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